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Looking for Additional Income? Make Your Second Home a San Diego Vacation Rental.

Are you looking to make a profit or cover the expenses from your second home here in San Diego? Vacation rentals are a great source of additional income for many families, but the rental process takes time, effort and expertise. Harland Property Management is the premier management company for vacation rentals. Our professional property managers assist our clients in making the best decisions regarding their property, by providing expert advice on the benefits and challenges of renting out their vacation home. We then implement our vacation rental management program that includes all aspects of management from property analysis and marketing, to scheduling tenants and property maintenance.

The first step to renting your home as a vacation property is to do a property analysis. While San Diego is a top vacation destination with thousands of visitors each year, not all homes are suitable as a vacation rental. For instance, you may not be in the ideal location for vacationers or your HOA may not allow vacation rentals. Following the initial assessment, we will compare vacation rental rates to other similar properties in your area. This detailed comparable market analysis will produce an estimated rental rate for your vacation home.

Once your home is listed as a vacation rental, marketing and advertising are essential to attracting the perfect tenants. Marketing a vacation rental is very different from a traditional rental property. At Harland Property Management, we execute proven marketing strategies to ensure your vacation home is occupied throughout the year. As the leading property management company in San Diego, our property agents are able to maintain an accurate calendar and season appropriate rental rates guaranteeing optimal occupancy.

When the ideal tenant is located and booked, Harland Property Management handles everything for our clients. From the tenant reservation and arrival, to payment and check-out we will collect fees and address any issues during their stay. In addition to these management services, we also help to maintain the home. The home service professionals that we hire are always licensed, efficient and affordable. We have housekeepers, plumbers and contractors on call at all times to address any necessary repairs or home maintenance. Our vacation rental management program also includes organizing your tax payments associated with owning a vacation rental. We always provide our clients with accurate income statements and balance sheets as well.

Harland Property Management clients benefit from professional real estate services and property management, which helps to generate additional income from their vacation home. If you are looking for San Diego’s top vacation rental management company, contact us today at 858-367-0343 or click here for a free property management quote.