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How Involved Should a Landlord be in Tenant-to-Tenant Disputes?

Landlords of multi-unit apartment complexes are unfortunately too familiar with tenant-to-tenant disputes. When neighboring tenants do not get along with each other, the first person that is called upon to resolve the problem is often the landlord. Whether you have owned rental real estate for many years or you are new to the industry, it is important that you are prepared to help address any tenant disputes. Technically, it is not your responsibility to act as the peacemaker in these situations; however, it is in the best interest of your property and your tenant relationships to assist or mediate to the best of your ability.

Best Practices for Resolving Problems between Tenants

Harland Property Management specializes in San Diego property management and has successfully resolved many cases of tenant-to-tenant disputes for landlords. To learn more about our property management services for apartments click here. We have also listed some of the best practices for resolving problems between tenants:

  1. Speak with each of the neighbors separately and listen to the complaints being made. This will help you determine responsibility for the problem.
  2. If you believe the reason for the dispute is based on:
    • A Personality Conflict – Suggest your tenants see a mediator. Offering an unbiased opinion, mediators will be able to help solve the problem without dragging you further into a personal situation.
    • The Involvement of Illegal Activities – Encourage the tenant who is not involved to report what they see to authorities. It would not be in your best interest to become involved if you have never personally witnessed the activity, making it hearsay from your tenant.
    • Activities that Violate the Lease – If the issue is something that violates the lease, you will need to step in and ask the tenant to cease activity. Tell them you will perform routine check-ups and listen for additional complaints. If the problem persists, eviction may be necessary.
  3. After resolving the problem, think about modifying your lease terms. Adding clauses or more specific information may help protect you from similar problems in the future.

At Harland Property Management, we recognize how frustrating it is to know that no matter what precautions are taken or how strong your relationships are with your tenants, there is no way to that guarantee disputes will not occur. By partnering with Harland Property Management, we focus on the troublesome tasks of being a landlord so you don’t have to. From tenant screening and maintaining tenant relations to professional accounting and property maintenance and repairs, we are here to help. Call us at 858-367-0343 for an instant quote or for more information about our multi-unit management services.