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4 Tips for Choosing the Right San Diego Commercial Property Management Company

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Are you a landlord for a commercial property in search of the right management company? If so, the task ahead can be daunting. However, with these tips provided by the Top San Diego Commercial Property Management Company, your decision is simplified. A great commercial property management company, such as Harland Property Management, can help improve your cash flow and minimize expenses, while taking care of the day to day responsibilities including tenant issues and maintenance. The following is a list of things to consider when determining if you should hire a commercial property manager.

1.       What is their expertise?

Depending on the type of property you own, the expertise of the company should be the first thing you consider. Is your property a mixed use building, shopping center or a multi-housing complex? It is important to find out if the company has previous experience with properties that are similar to yours or if they specialize in working with institutional investors versus private owners. The reporting requirements and usual tasks for each property will be different and you want an expert handling your commercial property.

2.       What services do they offer?

Most commercial property management companies will offer planning, budgeting, maintenance programs, rent collection, lease negotiations and tenant relations. However, it is important that you confirm with the company what services they will be providing for the fees you will be paying. Also, some companies may offer additional services such as marketing and landscaping.

3.       How do their management fees compare?

Typically, property management fees are based on the services provided and a portion of the revenues generated by the property. Other fees may include administrative fees or leasing commissions, depending on the terms of your agreement. In order to determine the true value a commercial property management company has to offer, compare their fees and services to competitors.

4.       Are they an accredited company? 

It is important to make sure the company holds the required certifications, licensing and accreditation. Commercial property management companies with professional agents, who hold special designations of expertise, are most preferred. Also look into property management reviews to see what people have to say about their management services, style and processes.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable San Diego Property Management Company who specializes in commercial properties, contact Harland Property Management today. Call us at 858-367-0343 for an instant free quote.