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Leasing Commercial Properties

Leasing and managing commercial properties can be a challenging proposition, especially in the fast-paced real estate market of San Diego. Property owners must juggle a number of different factors to maintain profitability and to derive the greatest financial benefit from their commercial real estate assets, including the following:

• Managing short and long-term leases to ensure maximum occupancy rates

• Screening potential tenants to protect real estate assets and ensure quality relationships

• Marketing available properties to reduce vacancies and boost profitability

• Day-to-day facility management and maintenance tasks

• Revenue analysis to ensure each property performs as expected in producing income

Each of these factors must be continually monitored and adjusted to produce the most positive results for commercial real estate investors.

Expertise in Leasing & Management of Commercial Properties

With Harland, property management couldn’t be made easier – we offer advanced services that encompass all aspects of your commercial property investment.

Harland Property Management can:

  • Analyze your properties to determine if short-term commercial rentals or long-term leases offer the highest return on your real estate investment
  • Utilize an in-depth screening process that ensures quality tenants for your properties
  • Perform extensive reviews on potential corporate tenants that include business histories and balance sheets to provide added protection for your financial investment
  • Employ a facility management team that keeps vital systems running smoothly and manages all aspects of day-to-day maintenance for your properties
  • Review the financial performance and revenue production of each property to enhance your position in the San Diego commercial real estate market
  • Maximize your return on investment and streamline your entire property management process through the expertise and experience of our knowledgeable staff

We deliver the practical knowledge of commercial property management San Diego real estate investors need to succeed in this competitive marketplace. Our services include the following:

  • Rent and lease fee billing and collections
  • Building ongoing tenant relationships
  • Budget, balance sheet and income statement preparation
  • Property maintenance
  • Parking lot and grounds management services
  • Eviction assistance
  • Lease negotiations
  • Marketing available properties
  • In-depth tenant screenings

Our commitment to excellence can help you achieve a higher degree of success in the San Diego commercial real estate marketplace. Contact us today to discover how we can streamline your commercial property management process and produce higher revenues and improved profitability for your real estate investments.