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5 Points to Discuss with Prospective Tenants before Signing a Lease Agreement

Lease AgreementHarland Property Management is a full-service property management company.  We manage many single family homes, high rise condos, vacation rentals and commercial properties throughout San Diego County.

Our clients benefit from professional real estate services including tenant screening, rent and fee collection, emergency maintenance, eviction of tenants if needed and more.  With our help, you do not have to deal with any of the negative and burdensome tasks associated with managing your property in San Diego.

However, if you are considering managing your property on your own, the following are 5 important points to discuss with your prospective tenant before they sign the lease agreement.

  1. Consequences of breaking the lease – It is always important to emphasize that the lease is binding and if your tenant breaks any of the rental agreements, you still expect the rent to be paid until the lease is up, and you have the right to absorb the security deposit.  This also acts as eviction protection for you if a problem arises and you must evict the tenant suddenly.
  2. Monthly rent and payment method – Stress when the rent is due each month.  Whether payments are made online or are dropped off, make sure your tenant understands when it is due and how they are supposed to make their payments.
  3. Utilities – In order to avoid any disagreements in the future, clearly tell your tenant what services and utilities you, as the landlord, are responsible for and what they are going to need to pay for themselves.  Point out things they may overlook such as transferring the electricity into their name.
  4. Scheduled maintenance and repairs – If you have scheduled maintenance throughout the year, let your tenants know when the work is to be done as well as your notification process for entering the unit.  If emergency or major repairs are needed during their tenancy, let them know beforehand how they can contact you and what the process will be to fix the problem.
  5. Policies about pets – Even if you allow pets in your unit, tell the tenant about any restrictions on the type of animals, breeds or any weight restrictions you may have.  Also, be sure to mention extra fees or if an added security deposit will be required.

Other important features about renting a residential property to consider include how to properly screen a tenant and perform background checks, being aware of the state and federal landlord and tenant laws and having licensed and insured contractors, gardeners and plumbers to maintain your property.