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Duties of a Property Manager

Without a great property manager, a rental property could very easily go into chaos. Property management is a critical role that helps each rental location run smoothly and successfully. The job of a property manager is typically comprised of a specific set of responsibilities in helping to properly run a rental property. Whether you are managing a small or large location, high-end or ultra-affordable; there are certain duties that every property manager will be expected to perform.


These responsibilities include:

  • Locating Tenants: The first step to success for any property is attracting appropriate renters. The property manager will be responsible for getting the word out through local advertisements and online listings. They also must be available to show the property and to give tours to potential tenants. For most properties it’s also important for the manager to screen potential tenants through credit checks and background checks to ensure that they qualify for a rental agreement. A good property manager will be aware of any possible red flags or warning signs of a possibly risky renter.
  •  Collecting Rent: Making sure that rent is paid on time by each tenant is a vital part of ensuring the success of your property. The manager will also have to follow up with any renter who is late with their payment and issue late fees for those who pay past the due date. They are also responsible for overseeing the eviction process, when necessary. These duties may not make the property manager very popular, but it’s important that they hold the tenants responsible to the terms of the lease.
  • Maintaining the Property: Making sure that the property is well taken care of and safe is a huge area of responsibility for a property manager. This includes quickly addressing tenant complaints, making sure that landscaping is take care of, organizing pest control and clearing public areas of dangers, such as ice or standing water.
  • Handling Repairs: A property manager is responsible for the timely execution of needed repairs. This includes both regular maintenance, such as replacing air filters and checking smoke detectors, and emergency repairs, such as leaks or faulty alarms. A good property manager will have quick access to a list of favorite professionals to help with these repairs including a plumber, locksmith, electrician and contractor.
  • Educating Themselves About the Law: A property manager doesn’t need to be a lawyer, but they do need to be aware of government regulations, laws and property rights of citizens in order to make sure that they are properly doing their job. As a property manager, it is important to follow the letter of the law, especially when it comes to the handling of deposits, maintaining safe properties and conducting evictions. Not being aware of important statutes and laws could lead to a costly law suit and, most likely, the loss of your job.
  • Supervising: The property manager is responsible for supervising the other employees of the property. This includes other office staff as well as any contract employees, including lawn care professionals, painters, pest control specialists, etc. They must ensure that each person is doing their job properly for the rental property to run successfully.

It is essential that every rental property have a highly qualified property manager to ensure that the property runs safely and effectively. This is not an all-inclusive list, but these are the core responsibilities of the job. If the property manager is properly carrying out their duties of locating tenants, collecting rent, maintaining the property, handling repairs, staying educated about property law and supervising, they will contribute greatly to the success of the rental property.

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