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The Importance of an Inspection Checklist for Landlords

San Diego Property ManagementA landlord must provide a quality living standard for tenants; this means that a property has to be up to code with state regulations and mandates. An inspection is necessary for any real estate property that is being bought, sold or rented. The following inspection checklist was prepared by the expert managers at Harland Property Management to help a landlords prepare his/her property for inspection.

  1. 1. Plumbing: All water must drain freely so no drips or leaky faucets can be left unfixed. All faucets should be able to release hot and cold water and the unit must have a running toilet.
  1. Utilities: All utilities must be turned on and a garbage removal service must be maintained in accordance with city regulations.
  1. Smoke Alarm System: Every level and every room in a unit is required to have a working smoke detector. The smoke alarm system can be battery operated but must have a 10 year lifespan.
  1. Electrical Outlets: Living rooms, bedroom and kitchens all require electrical outlets and light fixtures. Bathrooms don’t require an outlet but do require a light fixture.
  1. Safety Locks: All doors leading to outdoor quarters must have working single-key locks with interior latches. All windows must also have secure locks and/or latches.
  1. Ventilation System: Ventilation systems (whether through a working window or other system) must be in place in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  1. Heating System: All heat sources in a unit property function properly and provide adequate heat to all areas.
  1. Pest Management: Necessary pest control measures should be completed in a unit.

Housing quality standards can make the difference between a hospitable home and one that cannot be sold or rented. If you are a property owner looking to rent or sell your property, click here to learn more about Harland Property Management or contact us directly for a complete unit inspection guideline.