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How to Set Rental Rates for your Vacation Home

San Diego is home to over 70 miles of beautiful coastline and has a mild year round climate that attracts thousands of visitors each year.  For San Diego homeowners, turning your second home into a vacation rental during the popular tourist seasons can serve as a great way to help pay the mortgage or can simply be a source of additional income.  Harland Property Management, a premier San Diego property management company, offers homeowners advice on how to appropriately set rental rates for their vacation home. Read More…

3 Tips to Help you Manage Multiple Rental Properties

While you may be successfully renting one property, managing multiple rental properties is a different and often complex task.  Whether you are managing multiple units in a single apartment building, or single properties in several locations, successful property management in San Diego can be achieved by following a few simple guidelines. Read More…

Do you need a Property Manager to Rent your Home?

If you are planning on renting your investment property, you are faced with the decision of renting the property yourself or hiring a professional property manager.  How do you know if you need to hire a San Diego property management company?  The following are a few items to consider when deciding what management option best fits your needs. Read More…

How to Get the Right Rent for Your Rental Property

Renting properties is a competitive field, making it essential for landlords to do their best to obtain the right rent for homes they own. Whether working with a residential property management group or instead maintaining the property on one’s own, maximizing the rental’s value will help convince renters to pay top dollar to make it their own. Use the following steps to draw in would-be renters easily and ensure the property looks appealing. Read More…

How to pick the right property management company

If you own property in San Diego, but you are uninterested in dealing with renters, you need to find a property management company in San Diego. Property management is a skill, and it is not necessarily one that you have or want to acquire! Read More…