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How to Get the Right Rent for Your Rental Property

Renting properties is a competitive field, making it essential for landlords to do their best to obtain the right rent for homes they own. Whether working with a residential property management group or instead maintaining the property on one’s own, maximizing the rental’s value will help convince renters to pay top dollar to make it their own. Use the following steps to draw in would-be renters easily and ensure the property looks appealing.

Curb Appeal: Making a Solid Impression

A home’s appearance is the first impression a renter has of a property. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the home is aesthetically pleasing. Landscaping should be neat, with hedges trimmed and gardens tended to properly. If there are any cracks in the driveway or pavement on the property, these should be repaired accordingly. Peeling paint, damaged fences, and crumbling bricks can all decrease a home’s appeal. At Harland, Property Management, we believe correcting these issues will improve rental potential for the property.

Focusing on Security
Renters like to see properties that are safe and secure. Effective rental property management should include taking care of issues like home security alarm installation and modern locks on windows and doors. Additionally, the property should be equipped with smoke detectors, adequate ventilation throughout the home, and lighting in dark areas outside the home. All of these factors will help ensure the future resident feels comfortable staying in the property.  Click here to see how a hiring a professional San Diego property management company can help add value to your property’s rental potential.

Providing Parking Alternatives
Garages and carports are desirable features in a rental property, as these can help keep a tenants care safe from vandalism and the elements. Outside storage can also help ramp up a property’s value. Landlords can expect a higher weekly rental after installing such features on the property, making it essential to consider taking such measures.

Rental properties provide landlords with a secure investment that can deliver positive returns for several years to come. By ensuring a rental property looks clean, secure, and modern, landlords can lure renters and help guarantee the property demands the right rate. Focusing on additional amenities, such as parking options and outside storage solutions, can help further solidify a property’s potential to bring in revenue.

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