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Importance of Good Communication Between Landlord and Tenants

Good communication between property owners and tenants is important for a smooth relationship. A landlord should try to foster a solid relationship between him or herself and the renters. When doing so, one can enjoy a few distinct benefits that will make things easier on everyone. Most San Diego property managers agree that there are three main reasons why a landlord should have good communication with his or her tenants.

Be Approachable and Understanding of Your Tenants

Fix small issues: When a tenant feels that they cannot call upon the property owner, they will usually let small issues slide. This can cause problems in the future; for example, when a hot water heater is leaking, it is essential to take care of the problem before it gets bigger. As a property owner, it is pertinent to fix these small issues quickly as it can cause catastrophic and expensive problems in the long run.

Everyone Needs a Break, Tenants Too

Obligations: Often, a renter will run into a small financial problem. When this happens, a person may not say anything out of fear of retribution. Sadly, this is a problem that will cause a property owner serious anguish. To prevent this, one should have excellent communication with their tenants. When this happens, a tenant can tell the landlord that they are struggling to make ends meet. Then, the two can come together and find a long-term solution that keeps everyone happy.


Move out date: When moving out, some tenants will do little to comply with the law. This can cause a homeowner problems when he or she wants to find a new tenant. However, when the renter has a solid relationship, they are more likely to inform their landlord of their moving out date.

Remember, it is beneficial to have a good rapport with tenants. When having excellent communication, a homeowner can save money and avoid serious problems; when a renter feels comfortable, they will report issues and want to work the owner.