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How to Maintain Your Rental Properties

Purchasing a rental property is a great way to supplement your income. However, being a landlord isn’t as easy as it seems. You are also responsible for maintenance on each of your rental properties. Unexpected expenses can arise such as repairs, upgrades, new appliances, painting and plumbing threaten your monthly profitability. Harland Property Management offers maintenance tips to help you maximize the profits on your rental property.

  • Conduct Move-In and Move-Out Inspections – Provide your tenants with an inspection checklist to fill out when they move in. They will be able to make note of any damage or problems with the property prior to their tenancy. After their lease is over, if there are issues with the property not noted in the move-in inspection, they will be responsible and the cost for repair will be deducted from their security deposit.
  • Create Relationships with Contractors – Conduct proper research to find dependable, licensed and insured contractors for both indoor repairs as well as outdoor maintenance of your property. Using the same team of contractors offers enhanced reliability, security and peace of mind knowing proper repairs are being made that will last for longer periods of time.Also inquire about possible discounts if you enlist in their services for the maintenance needs of all of your properties.
  • Perform Routine Maintenance Checks – Inspect the property regularly and talk to your tenants to make sure there are no persistent maintenance issues. The more up to date you are with the needs of your property, the more time and money you can save in the long run. For instance, what appears to be a dripping sink today, could be a disastrous and costly plumbing problem affecting your whole building if neglected.

The Importance of Managing Emergency Maintenance Requests

As a landlord, you are now legally responsible for emergency situations that put either your tenants or your building in danger. Unfortunately, tenants and landlords often have different viewpoints on what is considered an emergency. To protect yourself as a landlord, clearly state what problems are regarded as emergencies in your lease terms, as well as how the tenant should contact you in the event of an emergency.

For many landlords, maintenance is one of the most difficult duties to manage. At Harland Property Management in San Diego, we offer comprehensive property preservation and maintenance services for our clients that includes licensed and insured contractors and a 24×7 emergency help line. We take care of the problems for you, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the profit of your rental property. For an instant property quote, contact one of our expert property agents at 858-367-0343.