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5 Secrets to Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

Tenants have many options when it comes to renting a property in San Diego. How do you make your property stand out from the rest? The professionals at Harland Property Management offer a few tips on how to get your rental property noticed by potential tenants.

  1. Invest in advertising. Take pictures of your rental and create ads. Post your ads to various online and print sources. If you have extra time on your hands, you can create a simple website or blog about the property.
  2. Have a competitive price. Make sure you don’t charge more than what your property is worth. Look at comparables in your neighborhood and adjust the price depending on the amenities being offered. Another thing to consider is if you are going to include utilities and trash in the monthly rental price.
  3. Highlight the physical surroundings. How large, safe and quiet is the community that the home or unit is in? What is there to do in the community?  Is the property close to the beach, a park, top schools or restaurants? Highlight your property’s location, as a great location is one of the top features that renters are in search of.
  4. Emphasize additional amenities. To create interest for your property, you have to tell prospective renters why they should choose your rental over another. Things you may want to highlight include the size and layout of your property, parking availability and the condition of appliances.
  5. Work with a property management company. A residential or apartment manager in San Diego has the experience and resources needed to effectively market your rental property. Managers can schedule showings of your rental so you do not have to worry about clearing your schedule and they can take care of tenant screening. Property management companies also take care of paperwork, maintenance and landscaping, making your job even easier!

For more information on how to fill your vacancies fast, click here or contact Harland Property Management in San Diego. Our years of experience in the property management industry and our team of expert managers can help you rent your property in no time.