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Making Your Property Shine Inside and Out

The appearance of your property, both inside and out, can either attract the customers that you want or scare them away. Maintaining proper care and going the extra step to make your property shine will ensure your success in bringing in leasers for the long term. Even making basic improvements in your rentals can increase their monthly value significantly. Here is some advice for how to make your property shine inside and out:

  • Make a good first impression. Hire a good landscaping company to make sure your grass is cut and that the outside of your property is properly maintained. Plant bright flowers to add appeal, but make sure that you water them. Dead flowers are even worse than no flowers at all. Look for obvious fixes, such as scratched paint or torn screens. Make sure trash receptacles or dumpsters are not overflowing. Be diligent about picking up any litter that may be found on your property.

  • Look at your property through the eyes of a renter. What are some things that you would want if you were renting the space? What would you expect in the kitchen? Is the bathroom up to date? Using the same critical eye that most renters use when checking out a new space, determine what needs to be improved or enhanced in order to satisfy potential renters.

  • Improve your lighting. When showing your property, make sure to utilize every light that is available to brighten up the space. Also, raise the blinds to let in the natural light. Make sure that the outside of your properly is well lit for better safety and security.

  • Paint. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to add shine and polish to your rental property. This may include the outside of your office and the exterior of the rental as well as the rooms inside of the space that you are renting. Using white or a light tan color will make your rooms look bigger.

  • Update your property. Replace worn carpet, switch out scuffed up cabinet doors, replace old light fixtures, tear up the vinyl flooring in your bathroom, etc. The value of your property increases with each update you make and so does the possibility of attracting desired tenants.