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Managing Your Own Property? Be Aware of Legal Liabilities

I need Property Management companyMany property owners take on residential or apartment management in San Diego on their own. While some have the knowledge and resources to effectively manage their units, many are unprepared for the responsibilities that lie ahead. Managing a home, apartment or business property is not an easy task. Without the proper preparation and an understanding of the laws outlined by the state, a landlord could face a handful of liabilities.

As a professional and licensed San Diego Property Management company, we never cut corners and always make sure that the property is properly maintained both indoors and out, and that state rental guidelines are followed. However, for those managing their own properties, here are a few liabilities that inexperienced property managers commonly run into:

  • Liability for tenant injuries. A landlord can be liable for an injury to a tenant or visitor to the rental property if they were negligent in maintaining the property and that negligence resulted in injury. This could include improper maintenance of the premises, not taking reasonable steps to advert the accident, or when fixing the problem would not have been unreasonably expensive or difficult.
  • Liability for tenant’s pet. It is uncommon for a landlord to be found liability for injuries inflicted by a tenant’s pet, most often a dog. However, a landlord can be liable if he or she knew the dog was dangerous and could have had the dog removed, or if he or she cared for or had some control over the tenant’s dog.
  • Liability for criminal activity. Landlords have a degree of legal responsibility to both protect their tenants from thieves and criminal acts of other tenants. Landlords must also protect the neighborhood from illegal activities performed by their tenants. The proper measures need to be taken to prevent criminal activity from occurring or the landlord could face thousands of dollars in fines or court settlements.

Eliminate your risk for liabilities as a landlord and work with a reliable and professional San Diego property management company such as Harland Property Management. To learn more about our services, contact us today at 858-367-0343 and request a free property management quote.