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Property Tips: Maintaining AC Units in the Fall

Tips for Maintaining AC Units


With the fall season comes cooler temperatures, meaning air conditioning units throughout San Diego will be turned off until next summer. With this in mind, it is important that landlords know how to maintain their properties’ AC units so they are in working order when the winter comes to an end. Harland Property Management offers a few tips for how to properly maintain your AC units so you can avoid costly and time consuming repairs next year.

The first order of business is the safety of your AC unit. With the rising value of copper, air conditioning units have been the target of many thieves for the copper pieces inside of them. Make sure to keep your properties’ air conditioning units inside of a locked cage to help reduce the risk of them being stolen. If any maintenance has to be done to the AC unit during the fall, you or the renter can access the unit with your own personal key.

Another way to ensure your AC units stay in working order is to clean the air conditioning unit’s filters. Leaving a filter that is dirty in an air conditioning unit for months on end can cause clogging later on. Turn off the unit and make sure that all dirt and debris are cleared from the filters. If you need to replace the filter completely, take it out of the unit and put a new one in at the beginning of the spring or summer season when the AC will be needed.

You’ll also want to clean the unit’s condenser coils. Similar to the filters, dirt and dust can settle and collect on the coils and fans. If you leave this type of grime on the coils, you’ll have to spend a lot of time next season trying to clean them and in some cases, they may be completely destroyed.

After a thorough cleaning, put a tarp or cover over the unit to prevent falling leaves and other debris from making its way inside the air conditioner, possibly clogging the unit and impeding proper function. One of the pieces most at risk for this is the condenser, the section of the unit that draws in external air. Because the condenser often pulls in grass and dirt from the intake valve, it is important to make sure this part is cleaned and covered.

For more in depth repairs, consult a professional. Air conditioning units are complex and can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. If you don’t have a go-to handyman already, you may want to consider hiring one. They will not only be able to provide routine maintenance for your air conditioning units, but can assist you with any other problems or issues that your tenants run into throughout the year. This is especially important for landlords with vacation rentals in San Diego, who only have visitors in their home for a portion of the year. You don’t want a problem to sit idle for months before finally being attended to.

For help with rental management this fall, contact Harland Property Management Company. With countless properties throughout San Diego, we know how to effectively equip properties for the cooler months. Click here to read about the grateful landlords who rely on Harland Property Management or contact us today for more information about our residential, multi-unit and commercial management services.