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Professional Property Management for Residential Properties in San Diego, CA

Managing a residential property in San Diego may appear to be simple. Before deciding to manage your own property, you should ask yourself if you are aware of and are abiding by all the state and federal land lord / tenant laws? Do you have a reliable licensed and insured contractors, gardeners, and plumbers? Do you know of all the state required disclosures that you must provide to a tenant, will your lease agreement hold water if tested in court, is all this really worth your time even if you do know all the right steps to take? This is where we come in. Our job is to allow you to not have to deal with any of the negative and burdensome tasks associated with managing your property in San Diego. Our staff is trained to handle tenant issues, make sure that your home is being rented out in a manner that reduces your liability and increases your net profit. We have state of the art software and industry experts that create budgets for your property while decreasing expenses and increasing occupancy. By hiring us to manage your home you not only get peace of mind to focus on your life and your career but you will also know that your home is in great hands and that we are always focused on your rental goals. Read below to understand how we go about all this and how our San Diego, residential property management services pay for themselves in the long run.


The first and often most important part of marketing a property is accurately determining the rental rate. We will work with your goals in mind and determine the highest possible return on your investment. In determining the rental rate of the property under management we will do extensive research and comparable analysis. We will provide you with documentation of our findings and work hand in hand with you in helping you decide on a monthly rental rate. Once a rental rate is determined your property will be marketed with full Realtor MLS submission, online and print advertising in major San Diego and La Jolla publications, as needed. Finally, we handle all showing requests by prospective tenants.

Online Exposure

It is estimated that 72% of renters start their search for housing online. We use our state of the art software to gain the online exposure your property needs. We syndicate your listing to almost all of the top rental websites on the net. With the overwhelming competition out there, a simple five line ad with one picture on craigslist will not cut it. All our online campaigns are professionally designed and made to stand out from the crowd. We clearly understand the need to fill vacancies fast and have designed an online presence that allows us to do so.You will also be happy to know your listing will be featured on our personal website which has the best name in the San Diego Property Management market:


Tenant Screening

Unfortunately, the property management industry often underestimates the importance of what we believe is one of the most important aspects of renting out a property, that being the proper screening and analysis of tenants.

Our staff is trained to only place tenants in your home that they would place in their own homes. Properly screening tenants has proven to increase occupancy rates for our home owners while decreasing turn over, wear and tear and damage to the home. Our screening process includes but is not limited to credit checks, eviction records, background checks, income/ asset verification and previous rental history. Once the best tenant is chosen we also negotiate rental rates, fees and lease agreements.

Please note that we are an equal housing opportunity management company. It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.


Accounting is one of the most difficult and regulated areas within property management. Without a management company that is well versed in proper trust accounting procedures your investment or home may be at risk of underperforming financially or vulnerable to other accounting mistakes. We do not take this aspect of the management lightly and have a Certified Public Accountant on staff.

Our Accounting services include:

  • Rent and fee collection.
  • Negotiating bids and paying invoices to service providers and contractors.
  • Direct deposit for rents collected to property owner’s bank account.
  • Monthly statements available online.
  • Year end income & expense statements for property owners to assist them with tax preparation.
  • Budgeting and reserve management.
  • Payment of all property bills, including mortgage payments, property taxes and HOA dues.

Tenant Relations

Happy tenants make happy property owners. At Harland Property Management we treat tenants with respect and appreciation.

We always answer tenant calls or return calls the same day. We are polite and do our very best to resolve any tenant issues in a timely manner.

We provide tenants online account access to their accounts, allowing for online rent payments on our website.

Eviction Guarantee

Our goal is to screen tenants to the best of our ability in order to avoid property damage and the need for evictions. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business we cannot guarantee that there may not come a time in which we must advise our owners to evict a tenant.  Click here to read more about our San Diego Eviction Guarantee Program.

Property Preservation & Maintenance

For most of our clients their rental properties are often one of if not the single largest investment they have ever made. Protecting this investment should be any property managers number one priority. You can rest assured knowing that we have systems in place to protect your home to the best of our ability.

Preservation & Maintenance Services…

  • 24/7 tenant emergency call line.
  • Move-in move-out inspections.
  • Solid relationships with reliable, licensed and insured contractors.
  • Property improvement & project management for small and large remodeling and repair jobs (at no additional cost).
  • Landscape maintenance.
  • Bi-weekly property checks in between tenants.
  • Routine maintenance checks.
  • 24/hrs response to service requests.