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When to Evict – Warning Signs

Rental properties make good investments especially when tenants pay on time and take good care of a rental property. While most tenants pay on time and take relatively good care of the properties they rent, there are times when things can go wrong. Knowing when to evict tenants can save you a lot of time and money. The following tips, brought to you by Harland Residential Management, can help you determine whether it’s time to consider evicting tenants from your rental property:

  1. When tenants stop paying rent: However, it is important to communicate with tenants and make sure failure to pay the rent was not a one-time incident. Also check that there isn’t any unforeseeable event, accident or injury that might have caused hospitalization. If the tenants have a good payment history, see if it is possible to work out a solution.
  2. Violation of the lease agreement: Depending upon your lease agreement, this could include several things such as failing to maintain the property, allowing unauthorized tenants or pets to move in for an extended time period etc.
  3. Damage to the property: When tenants cause physical damage to the property due to negligence or fail to take care of the rental unit.
  4. Illegal use of property: Illegal use might include using the property for illegal weapons and manufacturing illegal products or drugs prohibited by the law.
  5. Nuisance to neighbors or other tenants: If there are constant complaints of nuisance from neighbors or other tenants.

The eviction process can be frustrating, costly and time consuming. The best way to avoid problematic tenants is to properly screen each applicant before you rent. Failure to check prior rental history, running a credit report and conducting a background investigation check could lead to a lot of headaches.