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How to Resolve Tenant Issues

Whether a property contains just one tenant or several hundred, you can expect tenant issues to occur. When a tenant has an issue or concern, it is important to handle the situation in an appropriate way that will bring the best outcome for all involved. If these situations are handled incorrectly, the relationship you have with your tenant(s) could be very negatively impacted; which will only bring more headaches down the road.


Here is some advice for how to properly resolve tenant issues:

  • Listen: Sometimes a tenant just wants to know that they are heard. In every case, it’s vital that you listen to the issue and determine if it is a small concern or one that could be considered an emergency. Asking follow up questions will let the tenant know that you were paying attention and will help you find all of the important details necessary to identify a resolution.
  • Be Available: This doesn’t mean that you should hand your cell phone number to every tenant, but make sure that they know when and how they can contact you.
  • Respond in a Timely Manner: If you ignore a concern or delay your response, the issue and the temper of the tenant has the potential to escalate, becoming more difficult to handle.
  • Have a System: If you have a system in place where tenants can contact a designated number or fill out an online complaint form, the process of resolving complaints will be much more efficient and less frustrating for all involved.
  • Be Professional: Handling tenant issues is part of your job so it is important that you maintain your professionalism, no matter how difficult that may be. Make sure not to raise your voice, curse or get overly emotional.

For any property, tenant issues are bound to arise. How you handle the situation will affect how your tenants view you and the harmony of your property. Addressing tenant issues appropriately will go a long way in keeping the piece at your rental property.