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Updates Every Landlord Should Consider

Photo Credit: mahanshardwareandautosupplyWhether you have recently purchased a new rental unit or a tenant has moved on, new tenants like to see clean, updated properties. A few improvements will help you maximize your returns and maintain a good reputation as a landlord without draining your wallet. Here are some of the most common repairs and updates you should consider.

  • Install New Door Locks
    One of the most important things is to have all door locks changed or re-keyed. It is surprisingly common for door locks to remain unchanged from tenant to tenant, however a wise tenant will ask for proof that this has been done. Not only will your tenants will feel more secure after new door locks are installed, you will not face liability if someone enters the property with an old key. Own a vacation rental? You definitely can’t change the locks each time you have a new renter, however there are other management services for San Diego vacation rentals that you should consider.
  • Eliminate Carpet
    Carpets are hard to maintain. They snag, are easily stained, hold lots of dirt and can wear quickly. Over the long term, you could save a lot of money by getting rid of carpet and replacing it with more durable and easy to clean hardwood or laminate. Plus, homes with wood and laminate floors tend to be visually more appealing and can attract more tenants to your rental.
  • Update Appliances
    Not only will the tenants appreciate new gadgetry around the home, but you will save time, money and hassle by not having to repair unreliable old appliances. What if you have old appliances that are still in working condition? Enlist the help of handyman, or learn more about services from professional and reliable San Diego property management companies who will take care of everything for you.
  • Try a Programmable Thermostat
    This cheap fix offers benefits to both you as a landlord, and your renters. It is far easier for tenants to keep energy bills low with a programmable thermostat. Not only that, you will be able to showcase the lower utility bills to future tenants, which will make your rental unit more attractive. It’s always important to keep in mind how you can better market your property so you can ensure tenancy year round.

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