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Explaining the Risks and Liabilities of a Landlord

Before deciding to become a landlord and renting out your property, there are many vital risks and liabilities to assess. In order to avoid penalties, fees and lawsuits, you must be protected as a property owner and that you know your rights. Landlo

rds are required to abide by certain state and federal owner/tenant laws, as well as provide the necessary disclosures and contracts to the tenant. In addition to the legal matters, landlords must maintain the condition of the property and deal with tenant issues throughout the term of the lease. If you are considering renting out your property, you should first consult with a professional San Diego Property Management company. Harland Property Management is one of San Diego’s premier residential property management companies, offering expert advice and information for homeowners.

There are many responsibilities you must assume as a landlord of a rental property. The most important aspect of renting a property is making sure the lease agreement protects your best interests and will hold up in court if necessary. By taking advantage of the professional San Diego property management services offered by Harland Property Management, homeowners can rest assured their rights and assets are protected in the detailed lease agreement.

Budgeting for maintenance and repairs is another critical aspect for homeowners to consider. If the home is not tended to properly, overtime it can result in costly repairs. In most cases, landlords are responsible for maintaining the yard, roof, windows, pluming and some appliances. The carpet and indoor walls must be redone every few years as well. It is important that you have reliable licensed and insured contractors, gardeners and plumbers on hand at all times to deal with property maintenance issues in a timely and affordable manner. At Harland Property Management we work with our clients to create budget for unexpected repairs and property maintenance.

Our residential property management program ensures that our clients are protected by following state and federal laws, providing necessary disclosures, executing detailed contracts and managing a viable budget. The steps we take as your property management company are designed to make sure that your home is rented out in a manner that increases your profit and available free time, while reducing your risks and liabilities. Contact Harland Property Management at 858-367-0343 to find out more regarding the responsibilities you assume as a landlord and how we can help.