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Benefits of Multi-Unit Real Estate

Multi-Unit Real EstateThe availability of real estate is creating stiff competition among sellers. They are being forced to slash their prices in order to compete, providing individuals eager to get into the real estate and rental industry with great opportunity. However, while we are currently in a buyer’s market, it is important that you know what type of property to purchase to best meet your needs.
When it comes to purchasing and renting out a property, many prospective buyers first think of single family homes. While these can be great income generators, purchasing a multi-unit apartment offers a variety of benefits. As a leader in apartment management in San Diego, we work with many apartment owners who favor their multi-unit properties over single-family homes for the following reasons:

  1. Less Cost Per Unit – Even though the initial cost of purchasing a multi-unit building is typically more than a single-family home, the mortgage per unit is less. Plus, you are dealing with multiple parties or renters; therefore, the chances of collecting enough rent to cover the mortgage and expenses increases as well.
  2. Improved Cash Flow – When you own a single unit and do not have renter, the unit is completely vacant creating negative cash flow. However, let’s say you have a du-plex or four-plex and one unit is vacant; you are still generating income. The more units you have, the less impact the vacancy factor will have on your cash flow.
  3. Simplified Tasks – When you purchase several single family units, your properties may be spread over various areas. In addition, separate homes mean separate bills and mortgage statements and when problems arise, you will have to travel from one property to the other. With a multi-unit property, paperwork is simplified and one stop can allow you to check in on all of your units and tenants.

As investors begin to own more units, hiring a full-time property management company in San Diego is often the next step to ensure financial success. Property managers help ensure all paperwork, finances and vacancies are tended to properly, leaving owners to enjoy the benefits of owning the property without the stress. For those who want to become serious investors, assistance from a property management company also helps free up time to look into new investments.
Whether this is your first investment and you’re a bit overwhelmed or you are growing your investment portfolio and need a bit of additional help, turn to San Diego’s premier property management company Harland Property Management. We are happy to answer any of your questions and are here to provide expert advice and assistance for how to best protect your investment and generate income.

A Property Management Company is a Landlord’s Best Friend

Property Management CompanyIf you are a landlord, there is never a bad time to hire a property management company. A dependable, full-service property management company such as Harland Property Management, can help landlords handle any of the issues that can arise when renting an apartment, condo or vacation home. From selecting qualified tenants to helping with paperwork and legal fees, help from a professional property manager can help remove some of the stress associated with property management in San Diego.

If you are having difficulty finding the right tenants, it may be time to contact a professional property management company. Through effective marketing, advertising and established industry relationships, they can get the attention of qualified tenants. With help from a reliable property management company, you can also rest assured that vacancies in your residential or apartment property will be filled as soon as possible. For more about how to fill your vacancies fast, click here.

For landlords who seem to always select “wrong” and irresponsible tenants, turn to a professional property manager. They will take on the responsibility of appropriately screening prospective tenants to find the ones best for your individual property. This tenant screening is especially useful for new and inexperienced landlords who are not sure of the qualities and qualifications to look for.

Maybe you are a landlord that has had success in finding tenants, but are often confused by lease terminology and are unsure if the proper agreements are in place for your protection. A property management company can work with directly with you to help you better understand your responsibilities and what to expect from your tenants. If needed, property management companies can also help negotiate rental prices, landlord and tenant responsibilities and lease terms.

It isn’t uncommon for landlords to select a tenant and then find themselves overwhelmed by their continued maintenance responsibilities. From property maintenance to troublesome tenants who break lease terms, landlords often have to deal with a variety of problems on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, San Diego apartment management and residential management companies often assist with landscaping upkeep, handle all maintenance request calls, and have a team of contractors to fix any issue the moment it arises.

A landlord can take advantage of hiring a property management company any time, not just when an issue comes up. If you’re a landlord and want to have the assurance and support of a property management company, contact Harland Property Management today.

5 Secrets to Make Your Rental Property Stand Out

Tenants have many options when it comes to renting a property in San Diego. How do you make your property stand out from the rest? The professionals at Harland Property Management offer a few tips on how to get your rental property noticed by potential tenants.

  1. Invest in advertising. Take pictures of your rental and create ads. Post your ads to various online and print sources. If you have extra time on your hands, you can create a simple website or blog about the property.
  2. Have a competitive price. Make sure you don’t charge more than what your property is worth. Look at comparables in your neighborhood and adjust the price depending on the amenities being offered. Another thing to consider is if you are going to include utilities and trash in the monthly rental price.
  3. Highlight the physical surroundings. How large, safe and quiet is the community that the home or unit is in? What is there to do in the community?  Is the property close to the beach, a park, top schools or restaurants? Highlight your property’s location, as a great location is one of the top features that renters are in search of.
  4. Emphasize additional amenities. To create interest for your property, you have to tell prospective renters why they should choose your rental over another. Things you may want to highlight include the size and layout of your property, parking availability and the condition of appliances.
  5. Work with a property management company. A residential or apartment manager in San Diego has the experience and resources needed to effectively market your rental property. Managers can schedule showings of your rental so you do not have to worry about clearing your schedule and they can take care of tenant screening. Property management companies also take care of paperwork, maintenance and landscaping, making your job even easier!

For more information on how to fill your vacancies fast, click here or contact Harland Property Management in San Diego. Our years of experience in the property management industry and our team of expert managers can help you rent your property in no time.

5 Practical Upgrades for Your Rental Property

San Diego Property ManagementDo you own a real estate rental that you are hoping to lease as soon as possible? If so then there are a few home improvements you can make that will boost your property’s appeal to prospective tenants. Whether you are looking to rent out an entire apartment complex, a single family home or a basement studio, here are a few recommendations by Harland Property Management that will make your property more desirable to tenants.

  1. A fresh coat of paint can make for a fresh start: By repainting your property with a light and airy color, you can transform any space into something new and alluring.
  1. Build from the bottom up: New flooring is critical in enhancing the value and appeal of a property. By investing in laminate, tile or hardwood floors, you can secure a flooring option that will last and tenants love.
  1. Knobs and fixtures can make all the difference: Simple changes to a property can enhance its overall look and feel. By replacing old door knobs and light fixtures in exchange for something new and modern, a property can look more up-to-date.
  1. Change out those bathroom vanities: Bathrooms are high traffic areas in a home. By changing out the vanity top, one can get a modern, clean look in an otherwise outdated bathroom. Additional upgrades include the medicine cabinet, towel bar and showerhead.
  1. Revive your kitchen countertops: By replacing old kitchen countertops, a real estate owner can both increase the value and appeal of a home. Kitchen countertops are a big selling point for house hunters, so by having attractive countertops you can ensure satisfied tenants.

Simple and easy to do upgrades on a property can go a long way in attracting tenants. If you are considering renting out your real estate property, consult the premier San Diego Property Management company, Harland Property Management. Click here to see what our clients are saying about our exceptional services or call us at 858-367-0343 and our expert agents will recommend other ways to enhance your home’s appeal and increase its value.

Landlords, tired of dealing with tenants? A San Diego Property Manager can help.

for rentFor many homeowners who are considering renting out their second property for additional income, the nuances of being a landlord don’t cross their mind. They find great tenants, draw up a rental agreement and begin collecting rent. However, becoming a landlord for your residential property can be time consuming, stressful and frustrating. When the late night phone calls start coming from tenants with plumbing emergencies or new appliances are suddenly malfunctioning, the tasks and responsibilities begin to add up. From tenant screening and maintenance to rent collection and financial budgeting, a professional San Diego Property Manager can take on the responsibilities while you enjoy the profits.

Finding Great Tenants

At Harland Property Management, we understand what it takes to find the best tenants for your property. The first step is a comprehensive marketing strategy with substantial internet presence where your home is featured on the top online websites for rentals. Our expert agents schedule showings, collect applications and conduct thorough screenings to ensure the tenants are qualified and reliable.

Accounting and Budgeting

Determining your rental rate takes experience and knowledge in your local real estate market. We will discuss your financing goals regarding your rental property, compare it to similar homes in the area and review the current inventory on the market to establish a rental rate that is both competitive and profitable. As a premier residential property management firm, Harland Property Management agents are the experts in accounting and budgeting for rental properties.

Maintenance and Repairs

Dealing with tenant requests, property maintenance and home repairs is often the least enjoyable aspect of becoming a landlord. Let us take on the responsibilities and day to day tasks of maintaining your property, so you can relax and enjoy your profits. We will handle all tenant issues and make sure your property remains in great condition, while minimizing your expenses due to repairs.

Call 858-367-0343 to speak with a professional and reliable San Diego property manager at Harland Property Management. We can help eliminate the stress and frustration of managing your residential rental.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right San Diego Commercial Property Management Company

commercial property

Are you a landlord for a commercial property in search of the right management company? If so, the task ahead can be daunting. However, with these tips provided by the Top San Diego Commercial Property Management Company, your decision is simplified. A great commercial property management company, such as Harland Property Management, can help improve your cash flow and minimize expenses, while taking care of the day to day responsibilities including tenant issues and maintenance. The following is a list of things to consider when determining if you should hire a commercial property manager.

1.       What is their expertise?

Depending on the type of property you own, the expertise of the company should be the first thing you consider. Is your property a mixed use building, shopping center or a multi-housing complex? It is important to find out if the company has previous experience with properties that are similar to yours or if they specialize in working with institutional investors versus private owners. The reporting requirements and usual tasks for each property will be different and you want an expert handling your commercial property.

2.       What services do they offer?

Most commercial property management companies will offer planning, budgeting, maintenance programs, rent collection, lease negotiations and tenant relations. However, it is important that you confirm with the company what services they will be providing for the fees you will be paying. Also, some companies may offer additional services such as marketing and landscaping.

3.       How do their management fees compare?

Typically, property management fees are based on the services provided and a portion of the revenues generated by the property. Other fees may include administrative fees or leasing commissions, depending on the terms of your agreement. In order to determine the true value a commercial property management company has to offer, compare their fees and services to competitors.

4.       Are they an accredited company? 

It is important to make sure the company holds the required certifications, licensing and accreditation. Commercial property management companies with professional agents, who hold special designations of expertise, are most preferred. Also look into property management reviews to see what people have to say about their management services, style and processes.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable San Diego Property Management Company who specializes in commercial properties, contact Harland Property Management today. Call us at 858-367-0343 for an instant free quote.

What does San Diego Property Management Do?

San Diego Property ManagmentAre you an owner of a real estate property unit? Is so then seeking professional help from a qualified property management firm is a wise decision. Many times when people imagine the work of being a landlord, they tend to overlook the realization that they will need to spend a majority of their time fixing things in their rental units. Imagine your own home; how much time does it take you to complete household jobs such as painting, yard work, repairs,  lighting, and so on? Now imagine how much work that would be if it was multiplied by an entire residential unit! At Harland Property Management, we provide the assistance needed to help you run your residential units smoothly and effectively.

San Diego Property Management is a cost effective, professional solution to the difficult task of managing real estate units and tenants. Our professional property management staff will assist you in all aspects of managing a rental property.

Owning a rental property may seem easy, but it requires more than just owning a building and collecting rent. Owning a rental property makes you also responsible for being a handy man, a customer service representative, an on-call problem solver, an accountant and a tenant seeker. As one can see, owning a rental property unit is demanding work that should not be attempted alone. With a residential management company, you receive the knowledge and assistance of a highly dedicated and experienced team. Click here for more information about Harland Property Management’s residential services or call us today at 858-367-0343.

Tips for Renting to Students in San Diego

Student RentersHome to three major college universities, San Diego has a large population of student renters.  If you have a second home or apartment in San Diego, and are looking for a way to make additional income, renting your property to a college student is a great option.  Harland Property Management offers the following is advice on how to successfully rent to students.

First, you need written and signed leases and agreements.  In these agreements, it is important that each detail and point is clearly stated in a way that is easy to understand.  A majority of college students have never rented a home or apartment before and may be unaware of what you may consider “common sense” rental terms.  Include information in the lease that outlines the requirements for garbage removal, cleaning of common areas, as well as the guest policy.  Also, you may want to consider adding a clause that reserves your right, as the landlord, to alter the agreement if they do not follow the outlined points.

You may also want to consider having the parent of your student renter co-sign the lease.  Some landlords have trouble with student tenants paying rent on time. By having a parent co-sign, they are then responsible for any payment that is due if their son or daughter does not pay what is owed.  This is an important feature to add, especially if you are going to forgo the professional services of a San Diego property management company.

When renting to students, it is also important to know the condition of your property before they moved in.  Students sometimes have a reputation of being messy or careless.  If there is some damage during the course of their tenancy, you need to have proof it was not there prior to their arrival.  Tour the premises before they move in to show you are up on the condition of the unit.  Also, have them look around and make note of any damages or problems and ask them to put it in writing before they move in.

Finally, offer friendly reminders during the holidays.  Many students will leave the area and head home for the holidays to be with family.  Whether caught up with studying for finals or holiday travel, a student can easily forget about their rent.  A friendly reminder during winter and spring breaks, as well as before the summer begins will help ensure you receive rent on time.

Harland Property Management is a full service property management company.  We are experts in residential property management as well as multi-unit property management in San Diego.  For independent landlords who are finding it difficult to manage their properties, contact us today at 858-367-0343 and learn about the wide selection of management services we offer.

Benefits of San Diego Property Management

San Diego Property ManagementBoth owning and renting a property is difficult work that can lead one to stress and burnout. The first step in any residential agreement is to ensure that you find a professional property management company that will work with you.

San Diego Property Management acts as the oversight, control and operation of real estate property. The objective of property management is to monitor and oversee a property on behalf of a client.

The benefits of hiring Property Management San Diego far out weigh any cost. The many services we offer include:

  • Property inspection for pre and post moving
  • Managing property maintenance requests
  • Obtaining security deposits from incoming tenants
  • Management of eviction notices when necessary
  • Rent collection
  • Conducting debt recovery
  • Resolve disputes tenant
  • Complaint management and control
  • Research and improvement

With property management, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. With all your worries being handled, you can gain peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about our services.

Explaining the Risks and Liabilities of a Landlord

Before deciding to become a landlord and renting out your property, there are many vital risks and liabilities to assess. In order to avoid penalties, fees and lawsuits, you must be protected as a property owner and that you know your rights. Landlo

rds are required to abide by certain state and federal owner/tenant laws, as well as provide the necessary disclosures and contracts to the tenant. In addition to the legal matters, landlords must maintain the condition of the property and deal with tenant issues throughout the term of the lease. If you are considering renting out your property, you should first consult with a professional San Diego Property Management company. Harland Property Management is one of San Diego’s premier residential property management companies, offering expert advice and information for homeowners.

There are many responsibilities you must assume as a landlord of a rental property. The most important aspect of renting a property is making sure the lease agreement protects your best interests and will hold up in court if necessary. By taking advantage of the professional San Diego property management services offered by Harland Property Management, homeowners can rest assured their rights and assets are protected in the detailed lease agreement.

Budgeting for maintenance and repairs is another critical aspect for homeowners to consider. If the home is not tended to properly, overtime it can result in costly repairs. In most cases, landlords are responsible for maintaining the yard, roof, windows, pluming and some appliances. The carpet and indoor walls must be redone every few years as well. It is important that you have reliable licensed and insured contractors, gardeners and plumbers on hand at all times to deal with property maintenance issues in a timely and affordable manner. At Harland Property Management we work with our clients to create budget for unexpected repairs and property maintenance.

Our residential property management program ensures that our clients are protected by following state and federal laws, providing necessary disclosures, executing detailed contracts and managing a viable budget. The steps we take as your property management company are designed to make sure that your home is rented out in a manner that increases your profit and available free time, while reducing your risks and liabilities. Contact Harland Property Management at 858-367-0343 to find out more regarding the responsibilities you assume as a landlord and how we can help.