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The Effects of the Recent San Diego Tourism Budget Cuts

San Diego TourismThe San Diego tourism industry is currently in a state of confusion, unsure of what the future holds after recent budget cuts. Almost a month has passed since the San Diego Tourism Authority, the agency responsible for promoting the San Diego region as a preferred vacation and meeting destination, had to let go of more than 40% of their staff.

What was the cause of the extreme layoff? Not enough funding. The primary source of the tourism agency’s funding is generated through a 2 percent hotel room surcharge. However this year, there is pending litigation challenging the levy, and the money cannot be released. The San Diego Tourism Authority was forced to downsize as their budget for this fiscal year stands at a staggering $5 million without the levy, a dramatic decrease from the $30 million in available funds just one year prior.

This also means there is not enough room in the budget for an advertising campaign to promote the city. Many are already starting to predict that this will result in prospective visitors choosing to go elsewhere. In fact, competing tourism cities in California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, saw a growth ranging from 7 to 11 percent to date. San Diego County hotel revenues fall behind at a much lower 2 percent.

The emaciated tourism marketing sector, coupled with a minimal sales force, will likely mean a deficient for those involved in the San Diego vacation rental management, hotel and hospitality industries. There is chatter that peak seasons may not bring in as many visitors and vacationers, making vacancies more common.

Although there is some cause for concern, the reputation San Diego has as a popular vacation destination is not going to disappear overnight. It just means that if you own a vacation rental in San Diego, it is more important than ever to properly market and manage your property. To protect your investment and to help ensure reservations, consider help from a professional property management company in San Diego. Those with years of experience in the industry will know how to approach the situation and how to best move forward.

Want more information on the San Diego tourism budget cuts? Contact Harland Property Management today. Specializing in vacation rental, residential and apartment management in San Diego, we are up-to-date on the recent San Diego budget cuts and can provide expert advice and assistance.