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Time Management Tips for Property Managers

Photo Credit: morgan.eduAfter the leasing agent helps the tenant select the property and the moving company delivers the household goods, the responsibilities of the property manager or landlord continue for the duration of the lease. It is important to understand that tenancy management is time-consuming, and critical to amicable tenant relations, organized record keeping and legal compliance. Not sure if you want to manage a property on your own? Learn more about professional property management in San Diego.

Develop a reference sheet for the tenants for repairs and emergencies. A typed, well-organized list of preferred repair services, utility companies and maintenance professionals should reduce excessive calls to the property manager and shift some responsibility to the tenant. Also, provide two emergency contacts with alternative ways to reach both. This is especially important for landlords with vacation rentals, as tenants will likely be unfamiliar with the San Diego area.

Designate space for hard copies of documents, creating separate folders to organize documentation by category. Keep together the executed lease agreement, addendums and disclosures. In another folder, retain all tenant correspondence including a copy of the vendor and emergency contact list. Separately, maintain a record of rent payments received, missed or late. This is very important in the event of an eviction. Under a California statute, a month-to-month tenant who successfully disputes an eviction notice can regain temporary possession only if they are current on their rent. An Excel spreadsheet is a good way to track this information.

Organize soft copies of emails and other documents. Save email correspondence by creating an inbox folder with the tenant’s name. If there is a great deal of correspondence, set up sub-folders by subject or time period. On the computer desktop, create a folder with the tenant’s name to save documents such as the tracking spreadsheet mentioned above and templates for overdue rent notices. Schedule monthly reminders to send a late notice if the rent is outstanding. Ideally, these reminders will not be necessary, but it is best to be prepared.

While the tasks seem small at first, they can add up to save landlords time and can help solve any disputes. However, if you need assistance with your landlord responsibilities, contact Harland Property Management. In addition to managing all of your day to day responsibilities, we also work on your behalf to create positive tenant relations and can take care of any eviction disputes. We also have a professional team of contractors to tend to any maintenance or emergency situations.

Enjoy the additional income from your rental properties without the time consuming responsibilities. Reach out to a expert property manager today at 858-367-0343 and learn how we can help you make the most of your residential, apartment or commercial property.