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Tips for a Long Distance Housing Search

Moving to a nSan Diego Apartment Managementew city across country is often as stressful as it is an adventure.  Whether relocating to San Diego for school, work or simply the year-round sunshine, you are most likely going to be in search of housing before you move.  Harland Property Management, a company that specializes in residential and apartment management in San Diego, offers cross country movers advice on how to successfully find and lease a unit prior to your arrival in San Diego.


First, do as much research as possible.  For cross country movers, the internet will probably be your most valuable resource.  Online listings enable you to compare pricing of different units in the area and you can get a feel for what neighborhoods are popular.  Some companies that offer property management services will also list available homes or units on their website.  It is also important to use networking to your advantage.  Ask friends, family and even co-workers if they are familiar with the area or rent costs.


If possible, you should fly out San Diego.  The best way to find an apartment and view a neighborhood is by seeing it firsthand.  However, if time or budget don’t allow for a visit prior to your move, you can always opt for a short-term sublet.  This will allow you to move to San Diego and get to know the different neighborhoods before you make a final decision.  Consider getting a storage unit for some of your things so you don’t have to unpack and repack all of your belongings multiple times.


If you feel like you do not have the resources to make an educated decision on your own, consider hiring a San Diego property management company.  Agents are experts in their field and will be able to give you advice and suggest properties that they think best meet your needs and match your interests.


Harland Property Management is a full service property management company in San Diego.  We manage many desirable single family homes, condos and apartments throughout San Diego.  Our professional property managers will consult with you to find a residential rental that meets your needs. Our experienced and friendly staff is committed to helping you make a smooth transition to San Diego.  To speak directly with a property manager, call us today at 858-367-0343.