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Dealing with Troublesome Tenants

For a landlord, nothing is worse than bad tenants. Between not paying rent and poor property maintenance, bad tenants can make a landlord’s life stressful and miserable. The best way to prevent lease violations and overall bad tenants is through proper tenant screening.

Harland Property Management, an experienced and trusted property management company in San Diego understands that sometimes, despite your best efforts, you end up with a tenant that continually causes problems. Although you carefully examined previous rental history, references, credit, income and employment, your tenant still seems like an unfit match for your property. As a result, our property management experts offer the following advice on how to tactfully address any tenant issues without creating further problems.

  • Be Professional – Even if you have an unruly tenant, it is important to always address them in a courteous and respectful manner. This is your business and you should treat every interaction as you would a professional meeting.
  • Take Action– Deal with problems as soon as possible. Ignoring issues will likely cause them to worsen. If you have complaints from other neighbors or feel your tenant’s actions are conflicting with your lease terms, set up a time to speak with them in person. Often times, the tenant is unaware their behavior is intrusive and the problem can be resolved quickly.
  • Written Warnings – If your tenant still continues to behave or act inappropriately, submit a written warning. Include what the problem is, information about how you have addressed it previously and what will be done if it persists. Keep copies of all written requests in case eviction and court proceedings become necessary.

In some cases, these processes and proper notice is not enough to change a bad tenant’s actions and eviction may be in your best interest. If you have tenants that continue to break lease terms, present them with a written eviction notice in accordance with the California state tenant-landlord rights and begin to prepare paperwork for legal proceedings. You will need to gather all documentation of communication, written warnings and bank statements if your tenant has failed to pay rent.

For landlords who need assistance with tenant screening or eviction protection, the professional agents at Harland Property Management are here to help. Our team of expert and experienced property agents are aware of the common headaches landlords encounter and offer a variety of services to handle all tenant interactions from rent payment to addressing improper conduct. Offering comprehensive management plans, especially helpful for landlords who manage multiple properties, we provide our clients with peace of mind knowing their properties and tenants are properly managed. To learn more about our management plans or for an instant property quote, contact us today at 858-367-0343.