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Vacation Rental Management in San Diego, CA

The ability to properly manage a San Diego vacation rental is not easily ascertained by your ordinary management company. Many San Diego property management companies have outright abandoned their efforts to manage vacation rentals in San Diego. At Harland Property Management we know that San Diego is a vacation destination for many travelers coming from all over the globe. Our beautiful city, weather and people have made San Diego a popular vacation rental destination both during the summer months and during the winter holidays.

Knowing the above facts we have implemented a vacation rental management program geared towards providing our vacationers with and exceptional home to rent vs being stuck in a hotel room. Our goal is to treat our San Diego vacation rental tenants in a manner in which they want to return year after year.

As a property owner, if you are working through the decision to rent your San Diego home as a vacation rental, call us so we can help you clearly understand the benefits and challenges of going down this road. We are hear to help answer any questions that you may have and whether you hire us to mange the vacation rental or not we can give you some great advice and tips.

Property Analysis

Not all properties are created equal & not all properties can be vacation rentals. We will help you determine if renting as a vacation rental is the right decision for your specific property. We will work with your HOA to determine any restriction if applicable. Once a decision to rent as a vacation rental has been made, we will evaluate the rent on comparable properties and determine the best rental rate for your property depending on the season. We will never charge you any fees for assessing your property. We only get paid once you sign a management agreement with us and we begin occupying your property with renters.
Marketing & Advertising

Marketing a vacation rental in San Diego is completely different than marketing your traditional rental. With the proper systems and processes in place to market your property and maintaining a year round availability calendar, you can rest assured occupancy rates will be optimized. With the growing popularity of vacation rentals many vacationers are booking well in advance for their upcoming holidays. Maintaining a accurate real time calendar of availability is a must. At Harland Property Management we not only handle this crucial element accurately, we pride ourselves on it’s accuracy. Your property will be advertised year round and we will never charge you additional fees for marketing or advertising the home.
Tenant Management

At Harland Property Management we will handle everything from booking to check-out. Our reservationist will book tenants as far as a year in advance. We will prepare and deliver all management agreements to the tenants, collect reservation fees and resolve any tenant issues during their stay. We have reliable & safe check-in check-out procedures in place for all of our San Diego vacation rentals. Our staff is also available via our emergency hotline 24/7. We also offer concierge services to tenants at an additional fee to the tenant. As a property owner you can rest assured that if your tenants require services above and beyond the norm we have the ability and recourses to provided them with 5 star service.
Property Maintenance

As with any property classification, maintenance and preservation must be a primary objective. We have well trained housekeepers who are efficient and reasonably priced. We also have contractors & plumbers that will respond to an issue within 24/hrs or even sooner in the case of an emergency. At Harland Property Management we only hire contractors that are licensed, insured and have a proven track record of reliability and honesty. Our goal is to minimize maintenance expenses as much as possible and have the property run as efficiently as possible
Accounting and Tax Payments

You may not have been aware, but if you are operating a vacation rental in San Diego the city requires you to pay sales tax on every reservation. This is much the same as the tax a hotel patron has to pay when they stay in a hotel property. If you currently are operating a vacation rental in San Diego and were not aware of this call us ASAP so we can help you get into compliance before any fines are assed by the city. We will manage and make all your tax payments on your behalf once you hire us to manager you San Diego vacation rental. Above and beyond that we always provide our owners with accurate income statements and balance sheets which can be accessed through a secure login to your account via our website.
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