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Maintaining Landscaping during the Winter

Photo Credit: ZellPlumbingWith winter in full swing, landlords and property managers are looking for ways to maintain the beauty and value of their properties. After all, a lush lawn that helps rent a property in the summer still requires care through the rest of the year! What are some easy, cost-effective ways to keep everything looking good through the cold months of winter?

  • Aerate, seed, and fertilize your grassed areas. This is best done during the cooler, dormant months of autumn and will produce a beautiful and green spring lawn. Aeration loosens the soil for planting and the fertilizer will help sustain the seed. The fertilizer will also ensure the seeds are prepared for healthy growth, in addition to maintaining the health of the lawn overall.
  • Remove all of your dead annuals. A simple step, but what a difference it can make! Removing dead plants is an absolute necessity, especially in the winter when they no longer have a vibrant color. The removal also helps prepare the soil for a new crop of annuals in the spring and summer.
  • Protect sensitive plants. While temperatures do not necessarily fall too low in the San Diego area, the most sensitive plants can always benefit from light mulching at their base or stems to protect them. If the weather turns uncharacteristically cool, screens also help protect plants.
  • Monitor your irrigation system. Plants require water, even in the winter. Make sure they are getting the right amount to sustain them through the season. Don’t have time to closely monitor your irrigation system? Learn how a residential property management company in San Diego can help.
  • Consider planting winter-blooming flowers. Instead of looking at empty beds all winter, select some hardy winter-blooming flower varieties to lend color to the landscaping through the dreary days of winter. Calendula, lobelia, nasturtium, and annual salvia all should fit the bill for the season. Planting bulbs for the spring is a winter gardening chore as well, certain to reap benefits next year.

Weren’t prepared for property management to be so much work? Don’t worry, Harland Property Management is here to help. Learn about our professional property management services in San Diego and see how we can help you with everything from outdoor landscaping to yearly tax preparation for your rental property. Our property management specialists are also available to answer any of your questions. Simply dial 858-367-0343.