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Quality Tenant Screening Increases Occupancy Rates & Decreases Turnover

Tenants are one of the most important aspects of renting a property. Selecting good tenants has proven to increase occupancy rates for owners and decrease turnover. Unfortunately, finding a good tenant is not always easy. To ensure you select a quality tenant, a specific qualification and application process must be followed. Harland San Diego Property Management offers reliable tenant screening that includes a review of the applicant’s credit, background and eviction history, as well as income and asset verification. To read more about our premier tenant screening services and eviction protection for landlords click here.

Tenant Qualification & Screening Process

The first step in finding qualified tenants is through marketing. It is important that your online or print ads list information about your property such as rent price, the need for a security deposit and if pets are allowed. Also include what you require from tenants such as what is required to pass the credit check and their references and employment must be confirmed. Carefully stating your rental terms will automatically remove a portion of unqualified individuals from your tenant pool.

Your first point of contact with a prospective tenant will most likely be by phone when they call to set up a viewing. Set aside a certain time for tenants to contact you so you are able to write down any information or schedule future showings. Be sure to explain your screening process in detail one more time. This will save you time from meeting with unqualified tenants and will eliminate prospects who did not thoroughly read your ad or listing.

The screening process begins after the applicant has viewed the home and filled out a rental application. At this point in the process it is essential that you follow through and check each of your qualification requirements. If there are no problems that arise, contact a reference or two for good measure.

The qualification and screening process can be time consuming and frustrating. At Harland Property Management, we understand that many landlords want to rent their property as soon as possible to capitalize on rental income. However, it is important to be patient and follow the screening process.

If you need additional advice or assistance, contact one of our expert property management agents at 858-367-0343. We are happy to answer any questions and want to help you make the most of your income property.