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Testimonials for Harland Property Management

Our primary objective at Harland Property Management is to provide a level of service to our San Diego property management clients that is uncommon. We feel that in today’s market place, company after company makes empty promises and rarely delivers on the the several key points of customer service that they preach. Whether it’s waiting at home 4 hours for the cable company to (never) show up or simply having a hostess at a restaurant ignore you when you walk in, consumers routinely receive poor customer service, as it appears to have become common place. When we do receive “uncommonly” good service we are shocked and really take note.

At Harland Property Management, we strive to be a company that “shocks” our clients. We feel that customer services is multifaceted and can not be tied down to doing any one thing very well or very poorly. This being said, we hire and train staff that we feel can provide our clients with an overall professional, competent, consistent and friendly level of excellent service on many aspects. If you would like to review our property management services, please head to anyone of the numerous review sites out there. We feel this is the most honest and reliable way to have our clients review our services. If simply reviewing us on a public site is not what you are looking for and would like to speak with us regarding any concerns, issues or praise, please call us at
(858) 367-0343.

“We initially thought we could manage our property in La Jolla without the help of a property manager. Prior to making the move to Nor Cal we found what we thought to be great tenants and placed them into the home ourselves. In less than two months we realized we were in over our heads. The tenants started with a request to have a plumbing issue resolved. We jumped right on it and thought that would keep them happy. Within a week of the plumbing issue we got another call, this time about the Frig. not being cold enough. To make a long story short after 6 month of dealing with one thing after another none of which we ever had a problem with while we lived in the home for the past 5 years, we decided to bring on a management company. We realized that our time and peace of mind was worth more than the amount we would be saving in management fees. We have been in Nor Cal now for 2.5 years and we have been through 2 management companies. I won’t get into the issues with the other companies here as I have already post a 1 star review for both those companies. In short one of the quoted us a % based fee which seemed reasonable and hooked us in. Little did we know they charge fees,fees,fees for everything you can think of. We have now been with Harland Property Management for 8 month and can finally say that we feel the drama of this whole move is behind us. The staff at the firm is always friendly and actually answers and returns calls. Our property manager who we have direct access to has been amazing in quieting down the tenants. The management % charged by the company is reasonably and they have not tried to make us pay any additional fees or service charges. They seem to be about 1% or 2% higher than their competition when they originally quoted us a management fee, however, keep in mind you know exactly what you are getting into with this company were as the other companies make their money by quoting a low rate and charging you fees. By the end of the year you will end up paying more than you would have if you had gone with Harland”

Jamie Reviewed on Google

“I’ve worked with the owner of this company for five years now and he is absolutely one of the best! He is loyal, honest, and has an incredible work ethic. I send all of my clients in need of property management to him because I know the excellent level of customer service they will receive. I highly recommend them.”

Kimberly S. Reviewed on Yelp – San Diego, CA

“We have several investment properties around San Diego. We made the decision last year to hand them over to a professional management company. It was the best decision we could have made. Kayvon, our manager has helped us save money and fill vacancies. We now have a budget in place and have eliminated the stress of having to deal with property maintenance issues. Thank you it finally now feels like it made sense to buy all these properties over the past years….

Mary S., Reviewed on City Search

“I am a tenant in a property in La Jolla. Originally the owner’s real estate agent was attempting to manage the home. This was not working for us, the owner or the agent. The situation had come to a boiling point and I contacted the owner and recommended that he hires a professional management company as this agent had no idea what he was doing. The owner did finally hire Harland Property Management. The staff and especially our assigned manager is polite, professional and has turned what was a nightmare into a peaceful situation. We are a bit picky and have requested several items in the home to be fixed as we recently moved in. The staff at the management company has arranged everything and is responsive. If I owned a home I would want my tenants dealt with as Harland has dealt with us.”

Reza, Reviewed on Google

“My property in Clairemont is being managed by Harland PM. I find them to be very professional and personalized in their management. Not only do they give you the time to explain your needs as far as how and why you want to rent out your property, but they do a very thorough job of researching the potential the property has. They seem to have a very good maintenance crew and a very nice and professional staff. I feel like they treat my property is if it was their own.”

Aileen R., Reviewed on Yelp – La Jolla, CA

“Very professional, the agent was always on time. It was pretty flawless in terms of checking in and checking out. On our check out day we needed to leave earlier than scheduled and we were accommodated without any issues.”

Fil S., Reviewed on Yelp – San Diego, CA

“The management companies in San Diego suck. Well except for this one. Everyone in every industry is always talking about how they provide the best customer service, blah blah blah. These days when a company tries to build their brand on customer service I’m instantly weary.
I have a costal property in San Diego that I had originally rented only as a vacation rental. Due to excessive wear and tear on the home I decided to rent it long term hoping to get a nice, clean solid tenant that might actually think about taking care of the home and not just using it as a hotel. The firm I used to management the vacation rental led me to believe they could manage a long term rental. That turned out to be a huge mistake and cost us close to 2 months in rent. Venturing out to find another company to manage my home turned out to be a joke I contacted two of the biggest firms in San Diego remarkably neither bothered to ever return my call after leaving messages at both places. Really, not one call back. I don’t know maybe we are out of the recession….

A friend who also has a property that is being managed referred me to Harland Property Management. There is light at the end of the tunnel it seems. I actually got a real live human the 1st time I called, not to mention I called at 5:30PM expecting to just leave a message. Linda, who is now my property manager took her time to explained in detail all their fees, how they operate, what I should expect and even called me back the next day at 10AM and had a rental rate for me. Since then my property has been rented out within 1% of the rental rate I was quoted. I have Linda’s direct cell phone number though I don’t find myself having to ever call her. Harland allows tenants to pay their rent online each month and after they pay all my property expenses I usually see a direct deposit into my account within the 1st 5-7 days of the month.

I researched the company a bit online prior to making my decision to go with them. One thing I did not notice was over exaggerated claims by the company itself on how amazing their customer service is. I guess they spend less time talking about it and actually providing it to their customers.

Narsy V., Reviewed on Yelp – San Diego, CA

I have lived in LJ my whole life. I have had normal “owner” land lords and several property management firms. The current firm that manage the house I live in is Harland Property Management. There office is conveniently located in the center of town and their staff are always friendly and fair when it comes to working out the few repair issues with the home. The previous management company that the owner had in place was always pestering me about rent being 30 seconds late and would never return calls when I needed them. Harland has called me a few times when my rent has been more than a day late (usually on months I’m out of town) but they are nice about it and seem to honestly care to remind me so I don’t get stuck having to pay a late fee. Overall, this rating is due to their friendly and responsive staff.”

Richard A., Reviewed on Yelp – La Jolla, CA